Oilalà’s premium oil, one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world

A brief history of the company

The family-run company was founded in 2010 in Barletta, when the founder and CEO Spiros Borraccino decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Spiridione, an olive oil producer of Greek origins from which, in addition to the name, he also inherited the passion for agriculture. The idea of ​​the Oilalà brand comes from the union of “Oh la la”, an expression of surprise and wonder, and of course the English word “Oil”. The land of Oilalà includes ten hectares of 15-year-old olive groves on the Adriatic coast of Apulia entirely cultivated under organic farming.

Oilalà is a producer known internationally for its award-winning extra virgin olive oil. It is present in the United States, Japan, China and Greece thanks to the awards it has received: 

Multi Awarded olive oil
  • GOLD OLIVE MEDIUM at the Oil China Competition 2018
  • BEST IN CLASS at the Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018
  • GOLD MEDAL at the Tokyo Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • GOLD MEDAL at the EVO International Olive Oil Contest 2018
  • GOLD MEDAL at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • GOLD MEDAL at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • GOLD MEDAL at the Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • PLATINUM AWARD at the London International Olive oil Competitions 2018
  • ONE OF THE BEST OLIVE OIL at the Der Feinschmecker Contest 2018

Oilalà produces one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world and has established itself as a recognized and admired premium brand.

Oilalà’s premium oil

In order to satisfy all tastes and preferences of consumers, Oilalà offers two mono cultivar oils of Coratina and Leccino, in addition to a balanced blend of different varieties. From the Coratina cultivar, a symbol of Puglia, an oil-rich in polyphenols is obtained, characterized by a very low acidity; an oil with a very intense and fruity taste. While from Leccino cultivar olive oil with a balanced, fresh, sweet and slightly fruity flavour is extracted.

To preserve the precious oils there are glass bottles that look like those of luxury perfume, exhibiting an elegance that comes from the great care taken by Spiros also in the design of the product. The brand’s serigraphy held up by the wording “LIQUID LUXURY” is apt.


Also very interesting is the gourmet line of pickles entirely dedicated to Apulian gastronomic excellences: peppers; aubergines, grilled artichokes, cardoncelli mushrooms, and many other delicacies. Last, but not the least, the classic and timeless pickled olives of Bella di Cerignola, Peranzana and Nocellara: all cultivars famous for their firm and tasty pulp.

A quick idea of ​​how this olive nectar is produced

The olive harvest begins in mid-October and reaches the end of November, is a critical and delicate phase determining the quality of the final product: the degree of ripeness of the olives is decisive; in the event that these were not collected at the right time, they could macerate and lose quality. Oilalà adopts an innovative production process that avoids the problem of oxidation and rancidity of the olives. For this splendid product, a hand-picked harvest is made, certainly expensive and slow, but in absolute the best technique to maintain perfect integrity of the olives.

One of the first 3 producers to access Semina

What is Semina? A project born from the collaboration between Emerge and Two Hundred to allow Italian agri-food companies to raise capital through equity crowdfunding! Oilalà was one of the first 3 producers to access this exclusive platform together with the historic Piedmontese bakery Mastrocesare  and the innovative company Wow Food, the only producer of Fingerlime in Italy.

Oilalà entered Semina to carry out an ambitious growth process. First of all the construction of a hypermodern ultrasound crusher located in the middle of company’s ancient olive trees; then obtaining the BRC, Kosher (for Jewish customers), Demeter and ISO220005 certifications (to guarantee the traceability of the raw material). Finally, by 2022, Spiros aims to launch an Oilalà Natural Cosmetics line by opening an exclusive “Oilalà Experience Shop” in Milan within the following year.

Venture capital investments in the agri-food sector at world level promise well: they have registered a steady increase since 2014, rising from 3.08 billion euros to 14.3 billion in 2018. Of these, a good 8.8 billion have been invested in Europe!

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