Tartuflanghe: the best truffles and truffle-based products from the heart of the Langhe

Tartuflanghe is a family-run artisan company, working since 1975 with passion and dedication spreading the typical products of Piedmont.

Brief history of the company

Tartuflanghe company owes its origin to the culinary experience of Beppe Montanaro, gained by working at the Savona hotel, a gastronomic reference point in Alba, and as Chef Saucier on cruise ships in the years 1958-1966; as a hotel school instructor and then as the owner of the renowned restaurant “Da Beppe”. In 1968 Beppe decided to open a restaurant with his wife Domenica Bertolusso: located in the centre of Alba, at that time “Da Beppe” was considered a reference point for lovers of mushrooms and truffles, so much so that it was even signalled by the Michelin guide.

It was in the 1970s, years in which the truffle market saw its greatest expansion, that Beppe had the intuition to trade and sell the prized mushroom to restaurateurs. Tartuflanghe was born in 1975 to put to good use Beppe’s talent and experience.


In the 80s and 90s Domenica and Beppe studied the typical recipes of the Piedmontese tradition to make them available to all truffle lovers even out of season.

Since the 2000s Stefania and Paolo, daughter and son of Domenica and Beppe, work alongside their parents with the knowledge they have acquired during their study paths: Stefania attended the hotel school and followed an internship in Carlo Cracco’s restaurant in Piobesi; Paolo has devoted his studies to chemistry, and it is thanks to his contribution that Tartuflanghe manages to develop freeze-dried and spherical products, increasingly sought after by the great chefs.

Truffle perlage by Tartuflanghe

In the research and development laboratories of Tartuflanghe, the most innovative truffle products of recent years have been created, also awarded at an international level, new techniques for the conservation of truffles and new gastronomic trends. Craftsmanship and innovation: these are the words that distinguish the company today, with a continuous search for the best raw materials.

In 2010, Tartuflanghe became the first company in the world to present the “No H2O” freeze-dried truffle: 100% freeze-dried fresh truffle, obtained by physical extraction of all the water present in the truffle, without the use of any additive or chemical process. An innovative product that keeps fragrances and flavours of truffles intact for a long time and makes them stand out on all hot dishes.

Lyophilized truffle by Tartuflanghe

Today Tartuflanghe owns 26 hectares of forest, divided into small areas: in this territory, the company is trying to implement some solutions that make the land more suitable for truffles’ growth.

This is the story that led Tartuflanghe to be today a point of reference for high gastronomy truffle based products, promoting the local specialities of the Langhe in the world, with an assortment of more than 100 references dedicated to the different channels, from specialized shops to the best chefs in the most important international restaurants.

Emerge had the pleasure of learning some key elements that make this company unique.

Here is our brief interview with Tartuflanghe

What do you consider to be the uniqueness of Tartuflanghe? What is the added value of your products?

The world of truffles, magically linked to the forest and to the territory of the Langhe and Roero, is our starting point. For almost forty years we have tried to convey the desire to constantly innovate in all our products while respecting the best Italian gastronomic tradition.

How important is transparency in your supply chain?

High quality cannot be separated from values ​​such as the transparency of the supply chain, both for fresh truffles and for processed products.

What are you doing from a sustainability perspective?

Consistent with our corporate strategy, we support the environment and our territory. Today the new frontiers of our research extend from kitchens to truffle grounds, where precious truffles come from. We believe that the protection and cleanliness of the woods, careful work of mapping the most suitable grounds for the growth of truffles and the scientific study of truffle grounds, will allow us to guarantee the quality and presence of the white truffle in our region for years to come. The energy used in the production process comes from 100% renewable sources and the photovoltaic plant located to cover the company allows us to produce much of the energy needed.

In which market do you think you can enter in the future?

We are investing a lot in the US market. Today we have our products present in 63 countries around the world.

How do you see the future of truffles, truffle-based products and their marketing?

Fresh truffle remains a world apart related to nature. The future of the environment and our land will also influence the availability of the precious mushroom. New social and environmental issues, such as sustainable packs, renewable energies, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free, will be protagonists on the market.

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